Uncertainty is no stranger to the Gamecocks. There have been more ups and downs and twist and turns over the past year than most could ever dream of enduring. Garcia leaves, Marcus gets hurt, Connor steps in, Shon gets hurt and so doesAkeem, Connor gets hurt and then hurt again, Marcus returns, DJ gets suspended, Dylan steps up, Connor is back and so is Akeem? Did I mention we went 11 and 2 last year? See any similarity from last year to this year? Adversity strikes again.


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Did you say 11 and 2 with your backup QB AND back up running backs? Yep. That's right. #7 in the country now and 3 and 0! Here comes those Gamecocks, finding a way? It's different now though, we have a REALLY stout team with a TON of depth, everywhere. Forget finding a way, WE ARE THE WAY! WE ARE THE TEAM TO BEAT! Period. Ahem, did you know the SEC East is tougher than the West now? I am SURE we have had a say so in that!


 What is different, right now? Of course, the names and numbers on the backs of the jerseys have changed some but what is TRULY different? Steve Spurrier? The Farmers Market? Williams Brice? Those would all be a YES. How about our offense and the productivity? Yes again.


Defense? Big FAT NOPE! Look it up. Marcus seems to be REALLY getting comfortable and I believe we are due for something incredible here pretty soon, oh wait, he already broke a record didn't he? Has our backup QB stepped up similar to that of last years and put up OUTSTANDING numbers? Yes again. Should Dylan Thompson be our starting QB? I am not Steve Spurrier and neither are you.


DJ getting suspended is a tough pill to swallow but I will take a one game suspension over losing him for the entire season to an injury. The point is, it could ALL be a whole lot worse than what it is.


It is GUT CHECK time! Time to let the cat out of the bag. Mizzou will be ready to play on Saturday and so will USC. I keep jumping back to the 2011 team and I am so happy that leaders like DJ and Shaq as well as Ace and Devon are still here. They, should REMIND you of one thing that makes it easier for us to sleep at night, no matter who our QB is or who is going to do what, they have been here before. That counts for A LOT.


It will all play out on the field as it should and each of us have EARNED the right to expect BIG things but we have to take a deep breath and expect the EXACT same from ourselves and more importantly the coaches who get paid to do their jobs. I trust them 100% and no matter who steps in where, I have seen enough to know that THIS YEAR is THE year!


You HAD to feel it watching UAB, you had to. I don't care if it was UAB. Who USC was playing isn't the point. It was ALL about seeing this team have fun and really kick it into a gear of LIGHTS OUT football on both sides of the ball.


Gamecock Football, it's just going to get better and better! Go Cocks!