Roderick Byers announced this afternoon that he will take his talents out west and play for the Oregon Ducks. Byers took an official visit to Oregon this past weekend and was thought to be headed to USC before making his decision today. The visit never materialized and that was kind of a signal for the Gamecocks that Byers would end up elsewhere.

He had a USC offer in hand but the tight numbers for the Gamecocks recruiting board saved this spot for someone else. Carolina already has some defensive lineman in the fold and is looking for a few more in Phillip Dukes and Jadeveon Clowney. It would have been nice to have Byers become a Gamecock and any other year it probably would have happened. This year is a bit different for USC and things just didn't work out for both parties.

Good luck to Roderick at Oregon and this should give Gamecock fans a good indication about how they feel on their remaining defensive lineman. If they didn't push extremely hard for Byers then they have to feel good about landing Clowney and Dukes.

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