The Clemson Tigers have a new offensive coordinator in town and the Tiger faithful are hoping he'll be able to reproduce the same type of offensive output he had in his previous job.

Chad Morris has reportedly accepted the offensive coordinator position that was opened up by the firing of Bill Napier. Chad Morris was the OC at Tulsa this past season and led Tulsa to the #5 position in total offense for FBS teams. Clemson, on the other hand, was ranked #87 in total offense this season even with returning QB Kyle Parker and RB's Andre Ellington and Jamie Harper. Morris has only been in the college football ranks for one season as he took the Tulsa job in January of 2010 after 16 years at a Texas high school coach. His offense is similar to what Gus Malzahn runs at Auburn and previously ran at Tulsa. Morris certainly is following in Malzahn's footsteps as he's got little college football experience after being a successful high school coach as well.

Clemson has high expectations for their football program even though they haven't met many of those expectations lately other than 2009's run at the ACC title. Head Coach Dabo Swinney will be expected to win next season and win at a high level or else he could find himself without a job. This is a bold move for Morris taking on a team that has lost 3 assistants so far this offseason and is coming off their first losing season in years. It's a high risk/high reward scenario for Morris because if he's able to utilize the Clemson talent unlike they have the last few years then he becomes an even bigger name and commodity in college football. If they falter and he's unsuccessful his career could go backwards.

This looks like a good hire for Dabo Swinney and we'll have to tune in to the 2011 Clemson Tigers and see if Morris can take all this incoming talent and turn it into an offensive powerhouse.