Chad Morris was supposed to be the savior of the Clemson offense. A squad that ranked 87th in total yards for the 2010 season just found a guy to replace ineffective Billy Napier. Morris had just led the Tulsa offense to a 5th place finish in total yardage in FBS football. Now there are reports that Morris may be leaving Clemson and they've got Pittsburgh and Mike Haywood to thank.

Here's the story and be sure to follow along. Pittsburgh just found their new head coach and his name is Todd Graham. Pittsburgh had also found their new head coach last month too but Mike Haywood was fired before ever coaching a game due to a domestic violence arrest shortly after being hired. So the Panthers decided to go out and find another coach and settled on Tulsa's Todd Graham. Chad Morris just left Tulsa to become the offensive coordinator at Clemson last week. Morris has his roots at Tulsa and his family is there at the moment. A few names started popping up for the Tulsa job like Steve Kragthorpe and, you guessed it, Chad Morris.

The Clemson job is certainly a step up from Tulsa but not if it's head coach versus offensive coordinator. Steve Kragthorpe has officially pulled his name from the running leaving Chad Morris as the top candidate and a guy that will most likely get the job unless another name comes out of nowhere. This would leave the Clemson Tigers empty-handed after the search to find the new offensive coordinator. I'm not sure if there were other close candidates but it's not good having to start over again at this juncture with recruiting getting closer and closer to National Signing Day.

Talk about bad timing for the Clemson Tigers but potential good news for Chad Morris. Like I said earlier, you guys can thank Mike Haywood and Pittsburgh for your troubles.