Gamecock fans can start planning for commitment parties on Valentine's Day because we now know what time Jadeveon Clowney will announce his choice between South Carolina and Clemson.


According to David Cloninger at Gamecock Central, Jadeveon Clowney will announce his commitment on February 14th at 10:15 am. It looks like this will be set on ESPN but we should know at this point whether South Carolina has landed one of the most coveted high school recruits in years. Clowney delayed his announcement to February 14th in part because it's his birthday and he also wanted to take a little more time to make sure he's going to make the right choice. Clowney's coach has said USC appears to be the favorite here and they have been for awhile. Clemson recently moved up into the top 2 spots after word came out that Alabama was fading with Clowney. They are still a factor but the distance issue will most likely keep him from signing with the Crimson Tide.


I'm still in the belief that Clowney will choose South Carolina. I had a friend message me the other day saying Clowney was in a win establishment in Rock Hill signing Carolina gear and saying he was headed to USC. It's good to hear but you can't take that as final word. I believe he's had his mind made up for awhile now and is using this time to gather his final thoughts and almost get away from it all.

So mark it in your calendars folks. It looks like 10:15 on February 14th will be the time and date we all need to prepare for and finish this 2011 class with a bang.