If you think for one second Connor Shaw isn't playing in the ECU game this upcoming Saturday, you are absolutely wrong. Not only is it our first game at home in the 2012 season but it also against an ECU team that saw Connor Shaw start in 2011, from which he was momentarily overshadowed by the BOSS. It looked as if he may not have ever had a chance to return in 2011. That would prove to be short lived and Carolina had to say goodbye to one if it GREATEST EVER, Stephen Garcia, soon after that ECU game. Don't think he hasn't been WAITING for this one. It's personal.


Connor Shaw would lead that 2011 team to an impressive 11 and 2 finish without Marcus Lattimore. He would also be one of the top quarterbacks in the entire SEC in completion percentage at nearly 66 percent, finishing behind Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron. Not even Aaron Murray or Tyler Bray or Jordan Rodgers could even top that number.


He has wheels, we all know that. The kid can throw a football too! The pass to Bruce Ellington during the Clemson game did it for me, I mean really did it. Me, being a HUGE Garcia fan, has taken and I know, some of you a long time to warm up to Connor. He has been somewhat jumpy in the pocket at times and doesn't sit back and make that throw we all want him to sometimes but he makes it happen. Almost all the time. He finds a way.


After watching the Vanderbilt game unfold the way it did and to see him take such a beating, I couldn't help but love this guy. How could you not? He WILLED his team to the finish line and walked out a winner, we all did. I can assure you one thing and it is coming very soon. When Connor Shaw hits his stride and gets completely comfortable in the pocket and his line protects him consistently, it is going to be something to see. Something to be awestruck by.


USC has an outstanding and SOLID receiving core with talent, that is truly something to be reckoned with. Their are more weapons that present quite the contest for any team to even think about keeping up with, let alone try and beat.


It's time for the HOME GAME that we have all been waiting for. My goodness, we have yearned FOR THIS! Light up the sky Connor. Go Cocks!