South Carolina women's head coach Dawn Staley decided that being the head coach of the Gamecocks was where she wanted to be. 

Staley withdrew her name from the Ohio State coaching search on Sunday night after having conversations with South Carolina Athletics Director Ray Tanner throughout the weekend. 

The Gamecocks are keeping a coach who has shown improvement in nearly every season since she's been in Columbia. The Gamecocks are coming off a second straight trip to the NCAA tournament and have consecutive 20-win seasons. South Carolina won 25 games this season, which is the fourth-highest in program history. 

Dawn Staley showed where her heart lies with a simple tweet on her Twitter account:

She's exactly right. Well, she meant great, but we get the idea.

She has continued to build the program from the ground up and has landed some high-profile talent the last three years as she has signed the state's top player dating back to 2011. The future is bright with the Gamecocks and Staley said as much Sunday night that she wants to finish what was started. 

"With what we're building here and the outpouring of support I've received from the administration, fans and community leaders, it was an easy choice. I want to stay here and finish what we have started."

AD Tanner indicated Sunday night that he's going to recommend amendments to Coach Staley's contract to include an extension to recognize the work and commitment to the University of South Carolina. 

It's safe to say she's earned it.