Recently, ESPN aired a segment of Coach Franklin from Vanderbilt handing out a scholarship to one of his players. I thought it was great thing to see, wait a minute, No I didn't. ESPN is notorious for exploiting as much as they possibly can for their own personal gain and for exposure. I laughed at this one. Where was ESPN when Steve Spurrier put a scholarship on the line for Adam Yates at the end of practice a few weeks back? Adam Yates had to kick a 42 yarder and if he made it, with the ENTIRE team surrounding him, then the scholarship would be his. He made it.

Last year, ESPN had a personal hot tub and swim up bar reserved on the Clemson tour bus, you know, "The Shock The World Tour" and you see how that turned out. Here recently, the coverage has gotten so good that we get to watch Ohio State nap time footage and listen to Urban Meyer coach his heart out. I am moved temporarily and do in fact get chills from his speeches but quickly realize there was a earthquake and someone left the freezer door open.

Clemson, Ohio State and Vanderbilt? That is the best you can do to get us fired up for the 2012 season? Thank GOD for Jon Gruden and his 30 minutes plus of covering Melvin Ingram. I have to say that was great to hear and watch. So what's next for ESPN? With 6 days to go until we kick off the season I am beginning to wonder if the next big thing will be, possibly following the Nebraska Cornhuskers to a farm. Wait for it, yep a farm, oh and there will be trash can lids for the players to sit on, pulled by tractors.

GET RELEVANT and support The Gamecocks!

Vanderbilt, you should know that it is going to take more than a staged circus act to even remotely compete with USC this year. Your coach is going to have to actually figure out how to manage more than 77 yards in a complete game to even score on USC. I think we averaged that in all five quarters, that is how many quarters there are right? 

Zac Stacy rushed for minus 10 yards on 2 attempts and the Vanderbilt rushing attack mustered up 4 total yards. The passing game, led by the talented and speedy little brother of Aaron Rodgers did manage to throw for 29 yards. I know this is the new and improved Vanderbilt of today and last year is over but the SCARIEST part is that USC is even better!

What's the difference between Frisbee Golf and Vanderbilt Football? Nothing. They are about as equally competitive and entertaining to watch on a Saturday afternoon.

Enough with the lack of respect and obvious sour taste, to one of the most relevant and powerful teams in the country. We have earned every single inch of where we are at and the Gamecock Nation knows it. Vanderbilt knows it, don't you? I sure hope so. It would be wise to not underestimate Steve Spurrier in his prime. Do you actually think for one second it is a reasonable thought for The Head Ball Coach to get outcoached by James Franklin? Get real. Real fast. 

Go Cocks!