ESPN is really playing with my emotions right now.

They've got this magical ticker that rolls across the bottom of the screen on their channels that gives us all the latest news and scores from the world of sports. Well there's been a little tidbit scrolling tonight that has caused an uproar(again) for Gamecock fans and their beloved Jadeveon Clowney.

ESPN is reporting that Jadeveon Clowney will announce tomorrow afternoon at 4:05. He is supposed to be in ESPN studios tomorrow. We've already talked about The Clowney Theory here on the site. Everyone's buzzing thinking he'll announce tomorrow. We've seen reports from the Gamecock sites like Gamecock Central who say there is no confirmation that he'll announce. SC's recruiting guru Phil Kornblut spoke with Clowney's coach and he said that there will NOT be a decision made tomorrow.

Who do we trust? I've got no idea. This thing is going to be as secretive as the Best Picture award for the Oscars.

Just be sure you tune in tomorrow for updates on National Signing Day and be sure to watch ESPN tomorrow around 4:00. It could be worth it.