Gregg Marshall is a wanted man.

It's been that way for a few years now as teams like Georgia Tech, NC State and Texas A&M have come calling.

Marshall is coaching one the year's hottest mid-major teams in the Wichita State Shockers and is set to become a prime target this offseason for a bigger, more high-profile coaching job.

South Carolina fans have long clamored for Gregg Marshall as their head coach and there is even the belief that Marshall has desired the job in the past. You would think it would be a match made in heaven.

But you're wrong.

Darrin Horn was hired in 2008 to become the head coach at South Carolina. Marshall was the coach at Winthrop at the time which was a short drive away from Columbia in Rock Hill. Marshall was the choice many wanted but Horn was the guy who got the job. Initially, it looked like a homerun hire. Horn coached a share of the SEC East title in 2008-2009 season and things looked great for the program.

This is where the fun ended.

Horn has since had three straight losing seasons with the 2011-2012 season yet to be completed. The team is at the bottom of the SEC with a 2-11 SEC record and a 10-17 overall record. There's a good chance the football team could finish this season with more wins than the basketball team.

Tough times in Columbia for Gamecock basketball.

Horn's goal seemingly set for this season was to see this team show improvement as the season went along. Consider this a failure. This team has continued to find ways to collapse in the second half and just recently scored 49 points in an SEC game against Vanderbilt. It's an embarrassment to the program for the way this team is playing and it appears that the time is now to make a change.

And if one is made...there is one person who needs to get the first call.

Gregg Marshall.

This could be the Gamecocks' last chance at Marshall if they do indeed make a coaching move after this season. Marshall is said to be the target for Wake Forest once the season is over and who knows what other teams could come after this talented coach.

If South Carolina fails to pursue Marshall this offseason then I think the dream of Marshall to South Carolina will die a slow, painful death for Gamecock fans. I can't believe Marshall would want to become a coach at South Carolina in the future if he's passed up a second time for the job in a short four year span.

The only problem is South Carolina still has a head coach under contract. This is all hypotheticals right now but this is where we are. I'm sure there will be chatter about Darrin Horn this offseason. There is probably talk now. There was a recent newspaper article pretty much stating that Marshall should replace Horn. I don't think you'll get many arguments from Gamecock fans on this one.

The Gamecocks have three regular season games left. There's no hope for a postseason. This USC basketball season should be finished in early March. Once it's done, let's see what lies for the future of South Carolina basketball. This could be all for nothing as Horn may get one more year. Or we could be talking about who will replace him.

If that's the case, I think we know who the answer should be.

For now...we'll just keep dreaming.