Frank Martin is hitting the ground running.

Martin plans to start recruiting for the Gamecocks on Thursday and he hopes to reach out to a few talented prospects along the way.

Here's a brief update on few USC targets that Martin and the Gamecock coaching staff have their eye on:

  • Thaddeus Hall was a player who held a USC offer from the previous staff but also drew interest from Frank Martin at Kansas State. Martin has decided to continue recruiting Hall at USC and will hope to see him soon. Hall is a nice wing player and has really prospered during his senior season in New York. Hall has had a tough life spending part of his high school career homeless but sees himself on the verge of picking a college in the near future. He still has to make the qualifying grades but he's got a chance. You almost have to root for a kid like Hall at this point.
  • Another former Gamecock recruit appears to be back on the recruiting board for the Gamecocks now that Frank Martin is the head coach. Demetrius Henry out of Florida has decided to enroll in a prep school to increase his basketball skills for the next level and will give the Gamecocks a second look now that he has time before selecting a college. He was a big fan of Frank Martin at Kansas State and South Carolina could benefit from having Martin as it's new head coach when it comes to recruiting Henry.
  • Pittsburgh plans to give Gamecock recruit Sheldon Jeter another look. There was a question whether or not Pitt had room for Jeter but a recent transfer announcement could open up a scholarship for Jeter. South Carolina is battling Penn State, Pittsburgh and Wisconsin for his services.

Frank Martin has a lot of credibility across the college basketball world and I think recruits have noticed how well he has done during his time at Kansas State. South Carolina should be able to use Martin as a huge selling piece when convincing recruits to come to Columbia. It's already working in regards to Hall and Henry.

The next official signing period for college basketball starts April 11th and runs through May 16th.