You can tell Steve Spurrier is in a great mood these days. 

Take what happened at halftime of Saturday's men's basketball game between the Gamecocks and Arkansas Razorbacks for instance.

Spurrier spoke to the media to give an update and ended up giving back. 


Spurrier asked the media to name the four teams who have won 11 games the last two seasons. After a few guesses here and there, the four teams were revealed. Alabama, Oregon, Stanford and South Carolina have all won 11 games or more the last two seasons. 

The prize for the correct answer? A white envelope with a $100 dollar bill involved. 

So yeah, Steve Spurrier is in a great mood these days. 

Spurrier took this moment to speak on his new hire, defensive line coach Deke Adams, after the departure of Brad Lawing last weekend. 

Spurrier likes what he's seen so far. 

"Deke's been with us five days now. He's sorta my kind of coach. Good family man, wonderful personality, I think our players are really going to enjoy playing for him. We're glad he's with us and look forward to a lot of good years with Coach Deke Adams here."

Adams has been spending time getting to know some of his future players the last few days, including South Carolina star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. 

Obviously, the hiring of Adams was caused by the deflection of Brad Lawing to Florida. Spurrier had once said that he thought Brad Lawing was one of the best out there in the business. So how did he feel about the move on Saturday?

"That was a while back I said that, wasn't it? I don't feel like we'll miss Coach Lawing. He's an excellent coach, no question about that. We think Deke Adams is a very good coach. He's coached at a bunch of small colleges. When you do a good job, you sorta work your way up the ladder. And now he's at an SEC school and hopefully one of the best programs in the country. That's what we're trying to stay as one of the best and certainly the last two or three years we've proven we are. Yeah, he's a good coach."

One thing that Adams' reputation brings with him is his ability to recruit. Something the Gamecocks are trying to finish up as they wind down during the last few weeks of the 2013 recruiting class. 

Spurrier provided some insight on how things are going and even brought up how quickly things go by as he mentioned how he was recruiting Clowney just a few short years ago doing the same thing he was doing on Saturday. 

"Recruiting's been going very well. We're just about full. We're still recruiting about two or three guys that haven't made up their mind yet. We had Clowney up there helping us out with recruiting. I was sitting next to him saying it was only two years ago he was up here and in all likelihood, he's got one more year to play here. It goes pretty fast."

Whether it's recruiting, or being mentioned in the same breath as Alabama and Oregon, Spurrier does realize there are still a few more things he hopes to do soon enough at South Carolina. 

"We're fired up about what we've been able to do the last couple of years as far as total wins. We need to start winning some more Eastern Division championships and, hopefully, an SEC here some day soon."

Gamecock Nation hopes that one day soon starts with the 2013 season.