Jadeveon Clowney made an appearance at the South Carolina State House to announce his intentions to run for Governor of South Carolina in 2014. 


He wasn't there for that reason but it wouldn't surprise me if he gave Nikki Haley, Vincent Sheehan or whoever else was running some competition. 

Clowney, instead, visited the SC State House today as he was honored by the South Carolina Legislature for being named the AT&T National Player of the Year, SEC Defensive Player of the Year and his outstanding sophomore season. 

The talented sophomore became a sensation with his uncanny ability to change the course of the game at the defensive end position. Clowney finished with a school-record 13.0 sacks as well as a school-record 23.5 tackles for loss. His two-year career so far has lived up to the hype and has Clowney on the tongues of potential Heisman voters for the 2013 season. 

Today's events are just another in a long line of examples as to why Jadeveon Clowney is a huge part of South Carolina's recent success the last two seasons.