South Carolina signed DE/TE recruit Kalan Ritchie back in February to be a part of their upcoming 2014 football team. There were some concerns at the time that Ritchie had some academic issues to clear before being able to enroll at South Carolina. Those concerns were confirmed on Monday night when Ritchie announced that he's headed to Georgia Military College, a junior college in Georgia.

Ritchie will spend a year and a half at GMC before planning on enrolling in Columbia in January of 2016. He mentioned how they've cared for him so he plans to return that favor and be a Gamecock again soon. 

South Carolina also has a few other defensive end recruits who have had some academic issues from the 2014 class. Dante Sawyer has already enrolled in a junior college while Dexter Wideman has some grade issues as well as JUCO recruit Jhaustin Thomas. Thomas and Wideman's status will likely be known later in the summer. Blake McClain is expected to be okay to enroll at South Carolina this summer but may be too big already for defensive end and could find his way on the interior of the defensive line.