The man simply known as "BAW" decided enough was enough and announce his commitment this afternoon. 

The lucky team was the South Carolina Gamecocks. 

Bryson Allen-Williams made the dreams of the fanbase and the Gamecock coaches come true by making his commitment to South Carolina today. Allen-Williams has long been considered a heavy Gamecock lean dating back to shortly after the Georgia/South Carolina game in October of 2012. He has since gone back and forth with his commitment time frame  before committing to South Carolina this afternoon. While South Carolina remained in the lead, his other top leaders including Alabama, UCLA, Georgia, Southern Cal and others. 

But make no mistake. 

This young man was all Gamecock. 

Whatever the Gamecock coaches were able to sell to Allen-Williams and his family worked because they've been actively showing their Garnet and Black support for months now and now the Gamecocks have one of the hardest working recruits in the country on their side. 

He may only be the second commitment for 2014 for South Carolina, but when it's all said and done, he'll likely be the most important for the Gamecocks for a few reasons. 

1. Allen-Williams was a widely recruited prospect who had legitimate offers from Alabama, Southern Cal, Georgia, UCLA and more. It's not often South Carolina beats out schools of this caliber and this commitment is another one that goes to show just where South Carolina is currently on the national landscape. 

2. Allen-Williams also comes from a heavily recruited state in Georgia that has been very kind to Coach Lorenzo Ward and the Gamecocks over the last few cycles. Landing this commitment at a time when camps are going on gives South Carolina a face in the eyes of top recruits in the southeast who will certainly be looking to see why Allen-Williams wants to be a Gamecock. 

3. This is an extremely hard-working young man who continues to strive to be better each day. At a recent camp attended by some recruiting gurus from, it was said that Allen-Williams was one of the first recruits to show up for the camp and immediately got in line at drills to get started. This is a guy who has offers all over the country but continues to want to prove his doubters wrong. South Carolina has made a living with these impressive players over the last few years and Allen-Williams has that look of a top-notch leader with his work ethic on and off the field. 

4. As much as said about his physical attributes, even more can be said about what kind of person he is off the field. Allen-Williams appears to be an extremely humble young man with an incredibly solid family background that has kept him grounded throughout this process. You know Allen-Williams and his family have thought about this entire process with finding the ultimate "family" for the future and he's been gracious to all schools and their fanbases during his recruitment. He's likely earned fans for life with this approach off the field. Does this remind anyone of a certain Gamecock running back? It should. 

All of these reasons make Allen-Williams commitment a big one for South Carolina. The Gamecocks have identified high-caliber recruits over the years that continue to bridge the talent gap between South Carolina and the Alabama's of the world and Bryson Allen-Williams will be the next superstar defensive player for South Carolina. 

Lofty goals for a young man still waiting to start his senior year of high school but the drive, ambition to succeed and physical talent all showcase that Bryson Allen-Williams has what it takes to take that next step.