Melvin Ingram has been through quite a ride at the University of South Carolina.

However, he's on top of the world tonight as he was made the #18 overall pick in the first round of the NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers. Ingram was projected early by most mock drafts to be a potential Top 10 draft pick but recently slipped due to teams unable to decide where to put this talented player.

The word you will see with Melvin Ingram is "versatility." He can play linebacker, defensive end and defensive tackle in the NFL. He's got great speed as a pass rusher off the end and just has a high work ethic to continue to push forward against the opposing offense. He is a bit shorter than most defensive lineman but Ingram should excel right away for San Diego and contribute in several different areas for the Chargers.

I'm proud to say Melvin Ingram is a South Carolina Gamecock. He has grown so much since he began his journey at South Carolina and he will be a true representative of South Carolina football for the future.

Congrats to Melvin Ingram on being drafted in the first round!