South Carolina may not get too far out of the southeast when it comes to recruiting.

They'll occasionally head up north thanks to GA Mangus and his recruiting ties. However, today, they reached out west...way out west. 

South Carolina put two new offers on the table for the class of 2014 in Jamardre Cobb and Marquis Ware.

Both players are from the same high school, Bishop Mora Salesian, in Los Angeles, California. Ware is a four-star outside linebacker/tight end while Cobb is a four-star outside linebacker. 

This is obviously new territory for the Gamecocks. It's one thing to go after a recruit in Florida or Georgia, but it's another to head out to California and try to battle programs like Southern Cal. South Carolina finished with a better record and higher finish this season than the Trojans but Southern Cal will always have the edge over prospects in their home state. 

Ware appears to be a versatile athlete who has the capability to play on either side of the ball in college while Cobb has big-play ability as an outside linebacker. 

It's interesting that South Carolina is starting to reach out and recruit areas outside of the southeast. Will it pay off? Time will tell, but they've certainly increased their brand over the last few years and will still have Jadeveon Clowney and another potential top-10 season in 2013 to sell to recruits. 

The Gamecocks are at an all-time high and plan to strike while the iron is hot.