If you guessed Steve Spurrier's a happy guy, you'd be right.

South Carolina's head football coach is taking some well-deserved time off right now after bringing South Carolina home another 11-win with the victory over Michigan in the Outback Bowl.

Spurrier plans to do some resting down at the beach in Florida, play a little golf (of course) and a few other fun things.

But while at the beach, Spurrier offered up a hint of something that should make Gamecock fans very happy.

In an interview, Spurrier mentioned the possibility of going for 100 wins at South Carolina. Now, back up to when Spurrier was first hired. One of the main goals mentioned was breaking South Carolina's all-time win mark at 64 games. Spurrier did that this season with his fourth-straight victory over Clemson. He added another win to the mix with the Outback Bowl victory.

Spurrier stands at 66 wins and would need only 34 more wins to break 100. Is it possible? Absolutely. Look at what Spurrier has done the past four seasons - 7, 9, 11, 11 - for a total of 38 wins. This would put Spurrier well past the mark and put him into some elite company in college football history.

South Carolina has been built to a level where you can expect sustainable success for years to come. Recruiting continues to bring in top talent, donors continue to show their support and the coaching staff continues to evolve into one of the best in college football.

It's easy to see the past few seasons and have given Spurrier a boost in energy level because let's face it - Coach Spurrier likes winning. It's not at all feasible to believe that he could accomplish this goal in three seasons if South Carolina is able to win around 11 games or more the next few years. He's got the personnel in place to do it with a star defensive end, some talented quarterbacks, a bevy of offensive weapons and a routinely highly-ranked defensive unit.

South Carolina isn't a flash in the pan anymore. People have to respect the job Steve Spurrier has done here. People said it couldn't be done at South Carolina. Now that Steve Spurrier has shown it can, how much pleasure do you think he gets by continuing to prove them wrong each year?

Enjoy this time Gamecock fans. More good times are on the way and it starts with the HBC.