Is Canada ready for Stephen Garcia?

South Carolina's former starting quarterback Stephen Garcia was added to the Montreal Alouettes roster in the Canadian Football League. 

Garcia went up to Montreal for a tryout with the team back in May but no word came of that tryout until today. The team announced the addition of Garcia through its Facebook page. 

His style of play could be well suited in the CFL with its focus on mobile quarterbacks. Garcia's size and running ability should give him a chance to stick on the roster and continue getting better each day. 

His Gamecock career was certainly a wild ride that was highlighted with a lot of high's and low's throughout the years. He finished his career with 7,597 yards with 47 touchdowns. Statistically, his career is near the top in USC's history for past quarterbacks including top three in passing yards, touchdowns and completions. 

People either love Stephen Garcia or they hate him. All the arrests and media attention he brought gives people a lot of ammo to bring up when talking about the former QB. However, South Carolina fans should appreciate the good times that were had in Columbia with Garcia at quarterback. 

Best of luck to Stephen Garcia and hopefully this is the start of a nice, long professional football career for him.