Gamecocks! How many of you are FREAKING OUT right now? You have already played the upcoming Vandy game in your head over and over and imagined how your going to feel haven't you? Some of you have been playing NCAA Football 2013 and have been South Carolina and already WON The National Championship! You absolutely go nutzo translating this into a REALITY! What if SC wins the whole thing for real? Lee Corso will SURELY crawl from end zone to end zone and kiss the feet of the man, legend, and GENERAL FANTASTICO, The Head Ball Coach!


The pets are all groomed up and sporting their bandannas. The flags are flying all over the place and it FEELS SO GOOD to see them EVERYWHERE! Grills are good to go and jello shots galore! All the kidos are rocking their Gamecock gear ALL week and some don't want to wear ANYTHING else. Kids faces are lighting up seeing Mom and Dads clothes match theirs! Decals are on your cars and when you put those stickers on there is no more sighing and wishful thinking, you are SMILING from ear to ear. Just SO Proud!  

Everyone is being nicer to each other and a RECORD number of Clemson fans are pledging their true and once hidden loyalty to the UNDISPUTED KINGS of the GREAT state of South Carolina. The SEC can no longer and will no longer CIRCLE USC as the gimme game, as a matter of fact it is US, who have circled all 12 games and you BETTER BELIEVE we aren't afraid to play ANYONE anymore. There are NO MORE feelings that we had became so familiar with over the years. No more sadness and what ifs. That ship sailed! I am not intimidated or afraid to see us play ANYONE!

GAMECOCK MADNESS will sooner than later, take this entire country by storm and the WORLD will soon see that we are here to contend and to WIN, not anyways but ALWAYS!

For those of you traveling to Nashville, please be safe and EVERY SINGLE Gamecock brother and sister you come across in your travels, make sure you let them hear you LOUD AND PROUD...GAMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


God Bless. Rev Z