South Carolina did the unthinkable on Saturday night and fought their way back to a 27-24 victory in double overtime against the No. 5 ranked Missouri Tigers. 

It was a night of memorable plays that saw the Legend of Connor Shaw grow to incredible lengths. His play in relief was the push the Gamecocks needed to overcome a 17-point deficit that ended Missouri's dream season and gave South Carolina life in the SEC East title race. 

It's hard to choose a play of the game from Saturday night's contest because there are several crucial moments. Some big plays happened late in this game for the Gamecocks but there was one that sticks out in my mind as this weekend's play of the game. 

Here it is:

South Carolina is facing a fourth and goal from the 15-yard line. It's the first overtime period for the Gamecocks after Missouri scored on its opening drive. Connor Shaw opened the series with a 15-yard completion to Bruce Ellington. 

So far so good. 

However, it doesn't go well on the next play as Shaw is dropped for a loss of six yards by Missouri's star defensive end Michael Sam. Two straight incomplete passes by Shaw to Nick Jones brings up fourth down from the 15-yard line. 

It's the game here at this point, and the season for the Gamecocks. Shaw lines up in the shotgun with a three-wide set with Mike Davis in the backfield to his right. The ball is snapped to Connor Shaw and he takes about a three-step drop back and looks to his right. Shaw has time thanks to an amazing block by Mike Davis, who helps out Brandon Shell with a knockdown block of defensive end Michael Sam. 

Shaw looks to his right where he had Ellington in the slot and both he and the receiver to his right (I believe it was Damiere Byrd) run up field towards the end zone. Byrd goes high and cuts to his left towards the end zone taking the Missouri safety with him and Ellington cuts to his right underneath leaving him in one-on-one coverage. Ellington has his man beat in the end zone and as he gets there, so does the pass from Connor Shaw. 

Wide open. 


On to overtime number two. 

Such a crucial play in the right moment and it turns out that Steve Spurrier Jr. made the play call on this fourth down play. Obviously, if South Carolina doesn't pick this up and score, then the game is over. I just think this was an amazing play as all aspects of the offense clicked at just the right moment. It was the great play-call, great blocking, great routes and a great throw. Everything worked to perfection and it helped South Carolina reach overtime period number two. 

This is why this play is my Play of the Game from Saturday's victory over Missouri.