South Carolina started off strong against Vanderbilt building a lead up to 28 points in the first half. However, the Commodores would slowly build momentum in this game and eventually make this an uncomfortable game for the Gamecocks.

Luckily for South Carolina, they escaped victorious 35-25 over Vanderbilt. 

They were plenty of highlight reel plays in this game against the Commodores. However, this one play stood out to me in the Vanderbilt/South Carolina and is our play of the game. 

Connor Shaw lines up in the shotgun with Mike Davis and Brandon Wilds both in the backfield at the same time. We saw this multiple times throughout the night for South Carolina. On this play, Davis is line up behind Shaw to his left while Wilds is lined up on the right. 

Shaw hikes the ball and takes a few steps back. The offensive line has done a good job with their blocking to this point and Davis releases to the left as a pass option for Shaw. Wilds cuts over in front of Shaw to pick up a rushing defender on the left side. The outside receiver runs up field about 10 yards and cuts to his right finding himself wide open. Ellington, the inside receiver, is running a post route towards the middle of the field. Ellington has excellent coverage on him from his defender but as Ellington makes his way towards the endzone, Shaw releases the ball towards Ellington and the safety starts coming up towards Ellington as well providing double coverage. 

The ball is sailing through the air while Ellington is basically sandwiched in-between two Vanderbilt defenders. It appears that there is no seam for the ball to find its way into Ellington's hands for completion. 

That's not the case. Shaw puts the ball in the only spot that Ellington can catch as Ellington is able to catch the ball with the Vanderbilt defender in his way with the safety closing in to make a play as well. 

Ball is caught. 

Touchdown Carolina. Touchdown Bruce Ellington. 

A brilliant pass play with a brilliant finish by Ellington. 

Connor Shaw was on the money Saturday night for what was one of his most impressive performances of his career. This pass play might have been the best of the night for Shaw. 

What a play.