Two of the most telling and significant numbers this season are 36.6 and 11.2. I will come back to this after a mini rant. I had some time after the game to go to several message boards and see what Gamecocks were saying about their team and I was shocked! Some of you, quite a few, had the nerve to not only point out the negatives but also let the public know, that we are in for a wake up call? Are you OUT OF YOUR MINDS? Ron Morris already has enough to say, doesn't he? I thought so.


I am sure the Gamecock Nation felt all the air leave their lungs early in the first half of what would soon be a THROTTLING of Kentucky. We went down early to an amped up Wildcat team and to be honest, we were flat and playing as if we had nothing to be concerned about. The players acknowledged it and so am I. However, no matter the circumstances, there is something that these young men have EARNED from each of us. Beyond the mishaps and missed assignments and things within the game that have to be adjusted, one thing needs NO adjusting and that is our LOYALTY, it shouldn't have to be. 


Our loyalty and dedication doesn't mean we have to agree with every call or not get upset when we are down but how you translate those feelings in the public eye does matter. When you start DOUBTING, you become a fan that we don't need. Period. Since last year these young man have PROVED time and time again that they are as close to perfect as can be. The scary part is that they are just hitting all the cylinders. So what, we got off to a rough start but let's recap, shall we? The important stuff!


2 and 0 on the road in the SEC. No need to say anything else.


5 and 0 and a STRONG chance of jumping Georgia based on several factors. We should be in the Top 5 in the country after such a dominating second half at Kentucky.


Kentucky was outscored 31 to NOTHING when it mattered most.


174 to 7, yep that happened. Rushing totals in the second half. Favor: Gamecocks


7 sacks, yep that happened too.


I can do this a WHOLE LOT more to point out that games are WON through ALL FOUR quarters, not just two. In Saturday nights case it took all four for USC. It took a SWIFT and REAL jab to the throat to get our attention but when it I mean WOW! One week, we light up the sky and the next we let the ground and pound tell the tale. Who cares HOW? Isn't it GREAT to see that we are not limited and one dimensional? Isn't it even GREATER to see how our coaches are responding to their duties as leaders and making REAL TIME adjustments?


What could possibly get better? The FACT that these players RESPOND constantly and come together. They continue to show us all, that shame on any of us who ever doubted or lost faith, even if just for a moment. They deserve better!


Back to 36.6 and 11.2...The average margin of DEFEAT in this beautiful 5 and 0 start is 25.4 points! Three TDs and a field goal separate US from them. Seems like we are in fact running the show and the numbers don't lie. They can't. Gamecock Nation RISE and stay proud of an excellent team that has been rolling for quite some time now and EMBRACE these times because they truly are the best.




Photo The Big Spur