Tori Gurley is headed to the NFL after all. Sources this morning had Gurley reconsidering his initial thought of going pro but then it was later announced that he would indeed end up going to the NFL. The reasoning for Gurley is two-fold it seems. The first reason is Gurley wants to help his mother financially. I don't know of his family situation but it's certainly a legit reason. The other reason that has come out is Gurley had a frustration with his role in the offense. I understand being frustrated at times with his role but you also have to perform and step up. USC was reliant on Alshon Jeffery as he was the only receiver who showed any consistency for the Gamecocks this season. Gurley had a big game against Vanderbilt but just was non-existent in most others. Maybe it was Garcia's fault for keying in on Jeffery but if you don't get open and make the catch then you won't be involved.

I can't fault Gurley for going pro. It is his decision and he's a grown man. This isn't your typical sophomore. He's 23 years old and went through a lot to end up at South Carolina. I just think both sides would benefit from another season. Gurley isn't going to be on many draft boards. I honestly think he will be lucky to be drafted. He's got the physical attributes but without the statistics to back it up, the scouts will question whether he will be worthy of a draft pick. The other side is USC certainly needs his talents on the field next year. He's an established and experienced receiver who will be in this system for another year on a team that should compete to be SEC East division champions again. A big performance next season would boost Gurley's draft stock.

Lets all wish Gurley the best of luck. He's been a good ambassador for the program and has done what's been asked of him. I wish he would stick around buut he's decided its best for him and his family to move on. Good luck to Gurley in the NFL. I hope someone will take a chance on this fine young man.