This may not be the news Gamecock fans wanted to hear out of Jadeveon Clowney but it looks like Clowney could wait on a decision till after National Signing Day. has a new article up talking about Clowney and his recent visit to Alabama this weekend and how he made delay his decision. Here's the article:

Jadeveon Clowney visits Alabama

By Phil Kornblut

DE Jadevon Clowney of South Pointe made his official visit to Alabama over the weekend. His mother and coach also were on the visit though his coach traveled separately and did not participate any of the meetings. "It went well," Clowney said. "He did have a great time," said his coach Bobby Carroll. "He liked it and his mother liked it." Asked if he had a favorite right now, Clowney said, "I don't really have one." Carroll said he asked Clowney after the trip if there were a difference in his feelings between USC, Alabama and Florida State. "He said there was no difference," Carroll said. Clowney said he is planning to visit Florida State this coming weekend. He also said over the weekend he will visit Clemson January 28th. Ohio State has also been trying to get that last visit. Coaches from all the contending schools are expected to meet with Clowney this week. And Clowney apparently is now thinking about not announcing on National Signing Day. His birthday is February 14th, and he is considering waiting until then to make a decision.

Alabama is certainly a team to worry about for Clowney. I don't believe Florida State will be as big of a concern nor will Clemson. He does plan on making his FSU visit next weekend as that visit was up in the air. The Clemson visit is now on during the weekend of the 28th as new coach Marion Hobby has been trying to convince him to make the trip over to Clemson.

The delayed decision may not happen and Clowney could be ready much sooner. There's always been talk of him not liking this whole recruiting madness that comes with being such a sought after player. However it seems as we've gotten closer and closer to National Signing Day there doesn't appear to be that sense of urgency to get the decision out of the way. USC has been the leader for a long time now with Clowney and I don't think that's changed after the weekend visit to Alabama. There will be plenty of positive vibes coming from the Alabama camp the next few days but that always happens from official visits. You can bet when everything settles down USC will still be right there at the top. They've also got coaches coming to visit so they will be able to counter any doubts Clowney may have on USC.

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