I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you who may not know who I am. My name is Zachariah Lytle and I currently own and operate Glory Road Gamecocks. I wanted to develop a page that not only supported The University Of South Carolina but extended an invitation to Gamecocks, to let them know that we in fact, need to support each other because the stronger we are, the stronger USC is as one. I watched that page grow into so much more than I ever dreamed of and it created opportunities that I never thought possible. I have had such a tremendous time seeing SO MANY pages and websites spawn from other Gamecocks efforts. Seeing that, yes, an ordinary YOU, can indeed become extraordinary is tops for me. I have been blessed with nearly a dozen Gamecock players and their families support via writing for and representing them as best as I could. Adam Garrett has extended a gracious hand and given me the reigns to help build Life Of A Gamecock even further into your sight line and deeper in your hearts. I write with an emphasis on compassion and understanding above all things. I am NEVER critical of an individual player or of our squad. I would rather highlight the positives and constructively point out the negatives with encouragement and praise. This will be my FIRST shot at going into the actual stats and outcome of the game with emphasis on game play alone. The X's and O's. I have a lot of research and communication that I need to relay to others as well as hitting the books myself, to prepare us for a solid and thorough Vanderbilt analysis before the game. Please give me some time to get my spurs wet and get comfortable. I have some pretty impressive shoes to fill don't I? Have a great night and Go Cocks.