There may be some of you who have visited Life of a Gamecock this morning and are wondering why things look a bit different.

Well, that's because Life of a Gamecock has moved to the FanVsFan network. FanVsFan is a network of bloggers, like Life of a Gamecock, where fans and athletes debate sports, read, write, and watch videos. They got some cool features that allow for debates between fans through webcam videos and the community can vote on who they think the winner is. They also have shows where users can upload their webcam videos on a variety of sports topics. There's podcasts, slideshows, and many other features that make FanVsFan unique.

So now you're asking how will this affect Life of a Gamecock? Well don't worry. I still have complete control over the site and am in control of all the content you've grown accustomed to over the past few years. The only difference is the look of the site will be more in line with the FanVsFan network of blogs and there are a few additional features that will hopefully be up on the site soon. There is Facebook integration so it may be easier to comment on articles using your Facebook account and there's the usual Twitter, Facebook, Google + sharing features to help push some of the content that you enjoy.

FanVsFan is a growing network and I felt like this would be an opportunity to help Life of a Gamecock continue to be a place where you'll come to read, get insights, and continue to be a big reason why I have this hobby(or more like obsession!)

I really would like to thank the FanVsFan network for asking me to be a part of their growing team. I'd also like to thank all the people who continue to be a part of the website and chat with me on Facebook and Twitter. All of you have helped Life of a Gamecock become something bigger than I thought it would be and I certainly enjoy bringing all the Gamecocks news to you that I can.

I ask that you guys bear with me as we continue to set up the site right now. It's a work in progress!

Thanks for reading and thanks for being a part of the site.