Can you hear the Carolina Panthers fans screaming 'No!!!' right about now? Andrew Luck, the front-runner for the #1 draft pick in the 2011 Draft, has decided to return for another season at Stanford.

This is pretty big news considered everyone had him pegged as the sure fire #1 draft pick coming up later this year. Luck has had an impressive year and put up Heisman-like numbers for Jim Harbaugh and the Stanford Cardinals this year. Harbaugh's flirtation with the NFL right now probably added another motive for Luck to take his talents to the NFL but it looks like the young man wants to come back for another year. Stanford just finished off a stellar season with a big 40-12 victory over Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl.

The Carolina Panthers are on the clock and just lost the best chance of making an immediate impact. They could certainly draft Da'Quan Bowers and shore up the defensive line left vacated by Julius Peppers when he left for Chicago in the offseason. It just seemed like Andrew Luck would have been the pick to invigorate the fan base and unite Panthers fans and give them hope for the future. Jimmy Clausen is the quarterback right now but you have to take Andrew Luck is available. The Panthers no longer have that option.

With this news, Luck becomes your front-runner for the Heisman in 2011 and the Panthers will have to find another great hope at the #1 draft pick.