GA Mangus is headed up north to visit two of the remaining prospects on USC's recruiting board. He'll stop by and visit with both Tanner McEvoy and Sheldon Royster. Both players are high on USC's list and appear ready to make some commitments in the very near future.

Sheldon Royster has dropped his final list down to USC and Rutgers. USC appears to have the edge here and have done everything they can to get Royster to choose South Carolina. The home school Rutgers has the allure of being close to home but according to some Royster has been given the okay from family to head down south if he wants. I think that's the biggest question with him right now. Will he want to travel that far from home or does he want to be closer to his family? Right now, I believe USC will land Royster. He's scheduled to make a decision with his coach and parents on Monday but there's no word on when an announcement will made.

Tanner McEvoy has been mentioned here before but he seems to be down to a final grouping as well of USC and UNC. South Carolina has some family ties to it with some graduates of the university and an aunt that lives in Columbia, I believe. He's headed to UNC this weekend but will visit with Mangus before taking the trip. He looks to be ready to make a decision late next week. USC should be in good shape here as well to land McEvoy.

There has been reports that the two visited with each other recently and they talked about going to school together. USC is the remaining choice for both prospects so if things go like they should then I would expect both of these guys to be USC commitments next week.

Check out this article on the visit:

Mangus to see McEvoy, Royster Friday

By Phil Kornblut

USC recruiter GA Mangus will visit with QB Tanner McEvoy and DB Sheldon Royster Friday on a return visit to New Jersey. McEvoy said Thursday he'll get together with Mangus before he leaves for his official visit to North Carolina. McEvoy said going into that visit, he's got the Gamecocks out front. "You could say I've got South Carolina on top because I've done my official visit there. The bar is set and I'll be able to compare schools." McEvoy's parents will join him on the visit to Chapel Hill. McEvoy said he hopes to have a decision next week between the Gamecocks and Tar Heels though it might take him until the following week to decide. Royster is down to USC and Rutgers, and McEvoy feels USC may have the edge with him, too. Royster plans to make a decision with his coach and family Monday but no announcement day has been set.