There he was on Tuesday afternoon, talking to reporters at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. 

Yes, Marcus Lattimore was not a senior, but his appearance stole the show that day. 

Everyone was curious to see how the junior from Duncan, S.C.. was recovering from the severe knee injury suffered against the Tennessee Volunteers on October 27th. 

All indications that it would be a 12-15 month recovery that would likely cause him to miss the 2013 season. 

But on Tuesday, we heard phrases like "shock the world" and "miracle." One of Lattimore's surgeons, the famous Dr. James Andrews, said that Lattimore's progress was nothing short of a miracle. 

So here we are. We're all on pins and needles as we wait for every detail on the recovery of Marcus Lattimore and what his future may hold. Every Gamecock fan wants him healthy. They want him able to make his comeback in the NFL and have a long, prosperous career at the next level. 

So when Marcus Lattimore says that it's "realistic" for him to be ready for the opener, you better believe it. 

No one should be surprised at the recovery of this determined young man. We all witnessed the exact same story last year. Lattimore returned to full health and was able to participate fully in fall practice. There was no holding him back. He went on to produce some great moments in the 2012 season before it was cut short by injury again. 

Marcus Lattimore was challenged once before and fought his way back. This is an individual who has a strong Christian faith with an incredible drive to always want more. He's one of the most humble individuals in recent memory in college football. The way he carries himself on the field isn't even close to the way he carries himself off of it. There's not a better person to be able to handle this kind of adversity. 

What Lattimore has is a gift. He's got what it takes to handle super stardom with his superior athletic talents but his humility will make him one of the all-time greats. He's certainly been challenged with the injuries the last two years but he's been given these talents because he's meant to do great things. 

Lattimore expects to be jogging in a few weeks. The road to recovery has gone better than expected. 

And he's well on his way to "shock the world."