It's getting closer and closer to National Signing Day and another USC target has cut his list and is much closer to making a decision.

USC and UNC have made the final cut for QB Tanner McEvoy from New Jersey according The Big Spur. McEvoy just finished up his first year playing quarterback at his high school and showed off the athletic ability that led USC to start recruiting as a QB instead of another position. He's talented enough to be a great wide receiver in college but both schools like his ability at QB especially on the run.

McEvoy previously had Michigan and Rutgers on his list but is no longer interested in those two. Miami started recruiting him again when new coach Al Golden took the job but he's unlikely to return any interest. USC and UNC have the best shot right now and expect McEvoy to land at one of those schools. He's got some family connections to Columbia and USC I believe and GA Mangus is recruiting McEvoy for USC so they have the edge right now. He will most likely be your QB prospect in this class outside Martay Mattox, who will end up at defensive back if QB doesn't work out.