Here are a few quick USC notes for recruiting to get you headed into this weeked:

-If you haven't checked the site today, be sure to look in the recruiting section for the big story today on Thomas Finnie. Finnie was a USC commitment since July but switched his commitment to Miami this morning after a verbal offer was extended. Finnie was all set to head to USC this morning as an early enrollee but decided sticking closer to home was better for him and his family. A report surfaced about Spurrier skipping out on a in-home visit on Wednesday that his father seem to blast Spurrier about in a local paper. He took it that there really was no emergency and that you could see right through it. I seriously doubt Steve Spurrier would blow off a recruiting visit like that. Spurrier did speak with Finnie today on the phone to see what was going on. At any event, Finnie most likely won't be in Columbia for his college career.

-The Lateek Townsend saga will have an ending tomorrow but nothing is ever final with this young man. After announcing he would commit then backing off that statement in the middle of the week, Lateek Townsend is expected to make a verbal commitment to a school tomorrow during the Army All-American Game. Townsend is most likely picking between USC and Clemson. Both teams have been the favorite all throughout the process and it's hard to say who he'll commit to on Saturday. He hasn't taken an official visit to Clemson yet and most recruits normally don't pick a school without taking an official visit. Townsend isn't most recruits though. So be sure to tune in tomorrow to the Army All-American Game and check back here at Life of a Gamecock to see what's the latest with Townsend.

-David Cloninger from Gamecock Central said on Twitter earlier today that USC has backed off OL recruit Josue Matias. Matias is a 4-star recruit who is ranked in the Rivals Top 250 nationally and certainly would add some big time depth to the USC offensive line. The numbers game appears to be the culprit here as USC has picked up several offensive lineman last year and has a few committed this year like Brandon Shell. Our class size is expected to be between 32-33 signees and for now it looks like Matias will not be a part of that class. It's a tough break for this kid as he looked like a serious contender to be a part of the USC football program but will likely head elsewhere. I expect Miami to ultimately land Matias as he looks to be headed down there this weekend.

I hope these notes give you a quick update on some USC recruiting stories to follow over the next few days. The Townsend recruitment will be interesting tomorrow and certainly through Febuary 2nd as nothing's set in stone unless the signature is on the Letter of Intent. USC is expected to be looking for another defensive back in Finnie's spot now that he's headed to Miami. Sheldon Royster from NJ already has a spot if he decides to commit soon but look for USC to try and find another cornerback in this 2011 class.

Enjoy your weekend folks. Keep checking with Life of a Gamecock for all kinds of stories on USC sports and anything else interesting that comes up over the next few days.


*LATE UPDATE* Lateek Townsend is now apparently waiting to make his decision. Instead of choosing a school on Saturday, the plan now is to wait until National Signing Day. Now before you take this for gospel, here is 2 things:

1.) This is Lateek Townsend we're talking about. The kid is back and forth everyday.

2.) This information was posted on his Facebook page. We all know kids love to play around on their Facebook page so this might not be the final word on whether he makes his decision or not. So be warned.

Just wanted to pass this along for those curious. Check back often to see if more updates are posted on the site.