South Carolina and Vanderbilt had several representatives that spoke after the game on Saturday to discuss the Gamecocks 35-25 victory over the Vanderbilt Commodores. 

Here are some quotables from both sides:

--Coach Steve Spurrier:

Well that was a good win for the Gamecocks and we're happy to get a good win.

Our special team play, I told Coach Robinson, we've got to get you some better players out there. I don't know what we're doing but we don't make anything happen and even the good kickoffs we were running back to the 30 and so forth.

Connor played very well, Dylan [Thompson] came in and hit some nice ones early, ran and made a good play, and had one sort of careless pass.

Happy to get another win at home, a win in the conference, a win in the Eastern Division, and against a good Vanderbilt team.

This might have been the best we've ever looked on offense since I've been here, in the first quarter anyways and then it started slowing down a little bit. But we'll learn from it and try to see what kind of team we're going to be this year.

--Defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward:

We played better. Some situations occurred that we could be better in so we will address some of those issues and make sure teams can't run the football and we have to key in on the quarterback.

We just tried to get back to the basics. I think that I started doing too many things with the young guys so we just tried to go back to the basics and play football and do some of the things that we have done here for a long time.

Anytime you win it is encouraging and the biggest stat of the entire night was that we held them to 2-for-12 on third downs. If we can get off of the field on third down then you see what our offense can do.

--Wide receiver Bruce Ellington:

The ball was just coming my way. The last few games it has been going to Nick (Jones) and Shaq (Roland) I guess today was just my turn. The coaches have been telling us to run our routes like every ball will come to you and that's what I did today.

--Running back Mike Davis:

I wanted another long run. Those are the things I look for and try to get highlight runs to make the crowd go crazy. I really did want a long run bad, and I guess I could have had a long run receiving instead.

--Quarterback Connor Shaw:

This is what we hoped for - come out hot, coming out of the gate. We're playing well. We jumped on them quick, and I thought we played solid in the first half.

I told the receivers this week that I was going to let it fly this week, and I'm really proud of our guys up front. We haven't given any sacks. Our receivers made great plays on the sideline.

--Vanderbilt's head coach James Franklin:

My overview of the game, without watching it, and not looking at the stats yet, I don't think we executed and played with passion like we have in the past in the first half. I think we got dominated on the offensive and defensive line in the first half.

I thought Connor Shaw played as good of a first half that you can play. He made a lot of great throws, but we weren't really getting to him because he had a lot of time to sit in the pocket.

--Vanderbilt running back Wesley Tate:

A little bit, I was a little frustrated I didn't get any reps in the first half, but that's how I should run the ball all the time.

I think we came out really slow, we out-scored them in the second half and we can't start out games like that.

--Vanderbilt wide receiver Jordan Matthews:

We have to execute, no penalties, we can't have three and outs, once we have first downs we get rolling as an offense.