We've seen a jump lately in coaching hires across the NCAA in the last week and some schools ended up with some pretty interesting names. You had several BCS conference teams like Michigan, Stanford, and Pittsburgh find their new head coaches.

Stanford had to find a new coach after Jim Harbaugh made his trek to the NFL to take over the San Francisco 49ers. Harbaugh was a favorite for the Michigan job but the NFL's lure brought him to the Bay Area. Stanford made some overtures to guys like Boise State's Chris Peterson. Peterson will be staying at Boise State and the Cardinals announced they have promoted from within by hiring David Shaw as the new head coach. Shaw was the current offensive coordinator under Harbaugh and will be able to stay in place with star QB Andrew Luck keeping the reigns for 2011. This should give Shaw the opportunity for continued success next season.

Michigan found their man but who knows whether he was the top choice or not. Like mentioned above, Jim Harbaugh's name was thrown around a good bit for the top position. Once Harbaugh was no longer an option the Wolverines turned to Les Miles of LSU. Miles talked to some Michigan administrators but will be staying at LSU and just received a seven-year extension. The guy who got the job was Brady Hoke from San Diego State. Hoke was a Michigan assistant coach for several years before turning around Ball State and San Diego State as head coach. Hoke publicly petitioned for the job and it must have worked. Hoke is a high intensity guy who will do his best to revamp the Michigan football program and reenergize the fan base. He's got his work cut out for him.

Pittsburgh has been through 3 head coaches since December. Dave Wannstedt was fired from Pittsburgh after several average years. Pittsburgh found Mike Haywood from Miami-Ohio as their next head coach. Haywood had just improved a Miami-Ohio team from double digit losses to double digit wins. He seemed like a good hire. Well a domestic violence arrest a littler later and Haywood was out of the Pittsburgh job and they were starting over. The search finally came to a halt with Todd Graham from Tulsa. Graham had an explosive offense at Tulsa and looks like a good fit for the Panthers.

These are just a few of the coaching searches that were finalized over the last couple of days. The big job is Michigan and it will be interesting to see how Brady Hoke tries to bring back the Michigan football brand. His offense will have to cater to Denard Robinson's talents but expect a much more run-based attack from Hoke.

I'm sure we'll be talking about more coaching searches in the near future. You can never get away from coaching news in college football.