Okay, so the title may be a bit misleading. Rodriguez was only fired from Michigan once. It happened earlier this afternoon officially. It's funny though because yesterday the Internet was running rampant with rumors of Rodriguez's firing from Michigan but the school later said no decision has been made. This should have been our clue that Rich Rod would be gone soon enough.

Today the Wolverines have decided to go in another direction. The spread offense didn't work under Rodriguez and the University decided it was growing tired of being mediocre. Where do you go from here? Are there any coaches out there worthy of being named the Michigan Wolverines head coach? Les Miles is the name that comes to mind for me. I mentioned yesterday how involved he was the first time the job was open but if you want to get a fantastic recruiter who knows how to win then you'll hire this guy and throw the money at him. The only problem is LSU is a better profile job right now based on it being in the SEC and it's been a winner the last several years. Michigan's talent level has dropped under Rodriguez and the next guy is going to work to return it to the glory days. Miles can do that but will he leave Baton Rouge to do so? I don't know.

Brady Hoke from San Diego State is openly campaigning for the job and he wants it. Will Michigan give him a chance? He's won at Ball State and San Diego State. Michigan is a different story than those two programs. The pressure will be intense in Ann Arbor to produce an immediate winner and the next guy may be on the same short leash that was given to Rodriguez.

Who should take over the Michigan job? Any outsiders we've missed or that need to be mentioned? Leave a comment. Let's hear what you got.