There is a rumor floating around the Internet message boards today that can be seen on and It involves a former USC recruit at a rival SEC school and the potential for him to come to USC.  Hit the break for more to find out who....

John Fulton is apparently looking at a transfer to South Carolina after spending his first season as a member of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Fulton was a highly-rated defensive back recruit who seemed destined for the Gamecocks but got a visit from head coach Nick Saban after winning the national championship. This set in motion the presumed commitment to USC and turned it into a commitment and signing to Alabama to play football.

Fulton was ranked #58 overall in the 2010 recruiting rankings. He was the #5 ranked defensive back overall and had a list of suitors that any recruit would love to have. He's a bigger corner who has the speed to keep up with the SEC wide receivers and could be a physical corner. USC wanted him greatly but it didn't work out in the end.

Do you believe the rumor? Do you think John Fulton will end up at USC or will he transfer? It's all hearsay at this point but it's a rumor worth following. Keep an eye out on Alabama and see if there's any news regarding this soon.

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