Last night's Super Bowl turned out to be an enjoyable game between the Packers and the Steelers. However, there are about 400 people who were supposed to be there that didn't have quite as much fun.

Due to some seating issues, 400 fans were unable to be in their seats they purchased for Super Bowl 45. There were some construction issues with adding seats that could cause safety issues thus these fans weren't allowed their seats. Now before you start to feel bad for them, they were reimbursed. The individuals ended up with 3 times face value of the ticket which ended up being $2,400 dollars. They also received some merchandise, free food, and tickets to next year's Super Bowl.

Now how would you feel about this? What if this was your only opportunity to attend this huge event or what if this ended up being the last time the Steelers or Packers go to the Super Bowl? Would the extra benefits outweigh the ability to not see the game? I imagine I'd be pretty mad. The article has a guy who talks about how they spent $5,000 to end up watching the game in the bar. He's got a valid point. There has been time to prepare the stadium and they never should have sold tickets in the first place to seats that wouldn't be available.

Let's equate it like this. What if you bought tickets to see the Gamecocks play in the national championship game and the stadium had an issue with your seats and you weren't allowed to be there for it? I'd have to say I'd be extremely upset and even the refund of ticket price and everything probably wouldn't make up for it.

So did the NFL do right by offering what they did? Should there be more or was it too much? Leave a comment. Tell us how you feel.