South Carolina Gamecock fans can be a vocal bunch at times.

You definitely saw that this season with the basketball team. They were not pleased with the progress of Darrin Horn and the Gamecocks over the past four seasons and vocally expressed an interest in finding a new men's basketball coach.

Your wish has been granted Gamecock fans.

Darrin Horn was fired Tuesday morning from the men's basketball coaching position at South Carolina. Now Eric Hyman is left with the task of finding a new coach to replace Horn and hopefully jumpstart a dormant program that has been to the NCAA tournament once since 2004.

I asked the fans on Facebook for their coaching wish list and here's what they had to say:

  • E.J. Reed - say what u want to about the man, but bruce pearl would give our program an instant jolt and have colonial packed again
  • Ryan Harris - Bruce Pearl
  • Rick Gordon - VCU coach Shakka Smart no brainer! Alex English lol
  • Robbie Gawrys - Bruce Pearl still has 2 years of not coaching. Greg Marshall is who they will go after.
  • Franklin Dean Keisler - Greg Marshall....enough said. Bruce Pearl would get our program in trouble and we don't need that. I also like the mention of VCU coach Shakka Smart.
  • Jacob Deuel - Jeff Capel! Pat knight?
  • Drew Edwards - Bruce Pearl isn't eligible. And even if he was, there's no way in hell he'd get a BCS conference job or even a mid-major right off the bat. I like Shakka Smart, Greg Marshall. I also looked into Eddie Biedenbach from UNCA. Just a thought.
  • Jimmy Deer - BJ McKie
  • Barbara Robinson Bynum - Gregg Marshall seems to be the fan favorite from what is being discussed on ALL Gamecock Sports boards.

There you have it.

A few fans threw out former Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl as an option. There was also a few mentions of Gregg Marshall, the former Winthrop coach and current Wichita State head coach. Shaka Smart from VCU and Jeff Capel got some mentions along with BJ McKie, Alex English, Pat Knight and Eddie Biedenbach.

All of these are pretty realistic options for the Gamecocks. Well, I'm not so sure about BJ McKie, Alex English, Pat Knight and Eddie Biedenbach. The best two options, to me, are Gregg Marshall and Shakka Smart. Both coaches fit the criteria mentioned by Eric Hyman during today's press conference: strong recruiter, player developer and someone with connections to the state of South Carolina.

Marshall spent several years at Winthrop and guided them to several NCAA tournament appearances. Smart is a former Clemson assistant coach who has continued the great success at VCU that former coach Anthony Grant and Jeff Capel built before him. Marshall was the fan-favorite option back in 2008 when Darrin Horn was hired but for some reason or another he wasn't considered for the position. This time, there appears to be no reason why Marshall shouldn't receive consideration for the position.

For now, all of this is speculation, but this should be a good indication as to where the Gamecocks could look in the coming weeks to find a replacement for Darrin Horn.

The fans have spoken.