Darrin Horn is out.

The Gamecocks men's basketball coach is apparently out as the head coach of the South Carolina men's basketball team. Horn just completed his fourth season in Columbia but has seen his stock drop tremendously the past few seasons as Horn has had three straight losing seasons with the Gamecocks.

Darrin Horn came in with expectations of building a winner in Columbia and recruited the state of South Carolina well. Things started off great with a share of the SEC East in his first season in Columbia but everything slowly got worse the next three seasons before South Carolina finished this past year with a 10-21 record.

Horn's record the past three seasons are: 39-53 overall record, 13-35 SEC record.

This is with Horn going 5-11 in his second season in the SEC.

Terrible numbers and something that the Gamecocks could not afford to continue with a decrease in season ticket sales and attendance for men's basketball. He was basically a "lame duck" as the Gamecocks couldn't afford to give him a contract extension and further put themselves in a hole and with no contract extension then recruiting would suffer. It was a lose/lose situation for the Gamecocks if they didn't make a move this offseason.

Horn currently has a $2.4 million dollar buyout if fired before April 1st but details on whether Horn was fired or resigned will come out later today at a press conference this afternoon.

You have to appreciate some of the things that Horn has done for the Gamecock basketball program. This team has stayed out of trouble during his career for the most part. The team's academics are much improved during his time in Columbia. Fans should appreciate the small things and thank Darrin Horn for his time in Columbia.

Unfortunately for him, it's all about wins and losses.

If you lose more than you win then most times you'll find yourself looking for a job.

Darrin Horn is now looking for a job.


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