It's fourth down. 

Three yards to go. 

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier said it's now or never. 

Here's what happened:

South Carolina lines up in the shotgun formation with three receivers lined up on the right. Those three receivers are Damiere Byrd on the inside, Bruce Ellington in the middle and Shaq Roland lined up far right. Connor Shaw lines up awaiting the snap with Mike Davis lined up to his right. 

The ball is hiked to Shaw who rolls out immediately to his right. Davis moves to his right and picks up the Florida defender providing Shaw more room. Byrd fakes to the inside and starts to run what looks like a wheel route to get to the outside. Ellington releases up the middle of the field and Roland moves in to his left looking to pick the Florida defender hoping to free up Byrd, who is option number one on the play. However, Roland's pick doesn't hold and Byrd is picked up by two Florida defenders. 

At this point, Ellington has released downfield and is wide open. Shaw continues rolling to his right and sees that Byrd is no longer an option. The Florida cornerback was eyeing Shaw and froze for a brief second before heading back to pick up Ellington who is now near the end zone. Shaw sees the one-on-one and gives a heave down the field to Ellington who is now close to being covered. 

As the ball gets closer to Ellington, the Florida defender misplays the ball and Ellington makes a slight move and the Florida defender falls to the ground, leaving a wide open Bruce Ellington who makes the catch for the touchdown. It's now a one-point game. 

This play was crucial considering the Gamecocks had yet to find a way to get in the endzone and needed a touchdown in order to make this a closer game. That's exactly what happened here on fourth down. 

Steve Spurrier went for it because he knew the Gamecocks needed to continue moving forward. Luckily for South Carolina, the play resulted in a touchdown and helped propel the Gamecocks to victory.