South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier and the rest of his staff were rewarded Friday with raises for their historic season in 2011.

The football coaching staff received approvals from the USC Board of Trustees to increase the salaries of the staff. Coach Steve Spurrier has seen his annual salary increase to $3.3 million dollars which is nearly double his salary from just a few short years ago. The raise this year for Spurrier is $750,000 more than last year.

Spurrier is now the fourth highest-paid coach in the SEC. He is now just 10 victories away from becoming the Gamecocks' all-time winningest coach.

The rest of the coaching staff's salary is up to a total of $2.43 million dollars per year. New defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward saw his salary increase from $280,000 dollars to $550,000 per year.

Other salary increases include:

-Shawn Elliott(OL): $300,000

-Brad Lawing(DL): $300,000

-Steve Spurrier Jr(WR): $300,000

The new group of coaches had their salaries approved as well and they are:

-Joe Robinson(Special Teams): $280,000

-Kirk Botkin(LB): $185,000

-Everette Sands(RB): $185,000

-Grady Brown(Secondary): $150,000

The only coach to not receive a salary increase is QB coach GA Mangus. Mangus had a nuisance charge over the summer and was not eligible for a salary increase as part of his punishment.

It's great to see the coaching staff get rewarded for their hard work over the past few seasons. Steve Spurrier took less money to become the Gamecocks coach but it's obvious how much this university appreciates all the good he has done for this football program.

Being part of the SEC means spending money when you can. The Gamecocks are working to keep pace with the best in the SEC and our coaching staff is now paid that way.