Stephen Garcia is back in the news again.

This time, though, it's for a good reason.

Garcia is making the rounds and doing several interviews in preparation for the upcoming NFL Draft. Garcia was dismissed from USC during the 2011 season after several off-the-field issues but seems to have turned the page.

Everything you hear out of Stephen Garcia's mouth now appears to be the honest truth. He has opened up about how immature he was and how he was trying to be like every other college student but now realizes he couldn't. He's looking back at all the mistakes he's made and saying he has only himself to blame.


It's a powerful thing.

This is a young man that will forever be remembered at USC for the off-the-field issues but I think he should be remembered for the good times as well. Garcia came into USC with a lot of hype out of high school. He was a talented quarterback with just enough attitude to think he was "cocky" but there was something humbling about the way he approached things as well. This could have partly been his downfall at USC being so easy going at times and not putting forth the effort but I think the Garcia we are hearing about now is the real deal.

This easy going attitude has turned into one of focus and determination to realize a goal. Garcia is putting forth that effort and telling anyone and everyone who will listen that he's a changed man.

The NFL is known for giving players second chances. Maybe Stephen Garcia burned up all those chances in college but he's trying to force his own luck these days.

People may not like Stephen Garcia.

But I say, "Once a Gamecock, always a Gamecock."