There's one YouTube clip making the rounds from the Outback Bowl that has people talking. 

No, this time I'm not talking about Jadeveon Clowney's hit/nightmare-inducing play. This time, I'm talking about a very in-depth analysis of the botched first down call by the referees in Tuesday's Outback Bowl. Did I mention she's three years old?

We all know the moment. Michigan attempted the fourth down play and came up short of the first down. The referee called it a first down after bringing out the sticks for measurement. It was likely a bad spot, but still, they brought out the markers and measured for the first down. The video showed the ball clearly was nowhere near passing the first down marker but a first down was called anyway. 

Then, Coach Spurrier went ballistic. The Gamecocks decide to challenge the spot thinking they'll just review the bad spot initially and the ball would be the Gamecocks after turnover on downs. Well, they came back from the review and stood with the call on the field. 

How this was a first down is beyond me. The announcers, everyone in attendance, basically everyone in the world knew this wasn't a first down, yet somehow, that's where we were. 

In looking back, if this play didn't happen, we may have never seen Clowney create a black hole with his hit on Vincent Smith the next play. 

I don't think we'll see this call forgotten anytime soon and it shouldn't. However, it was just part of the madness that helped prepare the Gamecocks for victory on that day. And for that, we thank you. 

Now watch the video above. It's adorable.