South Carolina did whatever they wanted on the football field against Coastal Carolina this past Saturday. 

It was an offensive outburst as the Gamecocks hit the 70-point mark for the first time in nearly 20 years. One of the stars of the show was wide receiver/wildcat quarterback Pharoh Cooper. 

We've seen shades of Cooper's ability all season long but he hasn't been able to find his way into the end zone yet this year. 

Until Saturday. 

Here's Cooper's first touchdown of the day:

South Carolina lines up from the 18-yard line. Dylan Thompson is in at quarterback with a 28-0 lead over Coastal Carolina early in the second quarter. 

The Gamecocks line up in a form of the Pistol with Thompson in shotgun and Shon Carson directly behind him. Connor McLaurin is lined up at fullback to Thompson's left with Pharoh Cooper on the outside and Shaq Roland on the inside. 

The ball is snapped to Thompson, who proceeds to use a play-action fake to Carson up the middle. McLaurin picks up an outside defender and Carson runs up to the line to pick up a blitzing Coastal Carolina defender. 

Roland appears to run a post route towards the middle of the field. He seems to take the safety with him while Cooper runs a corner route towards the end zone. This leaves Cooper one-on-one with his defender and that's all she wrote. 

Cooper, with his speed, is left wide open in the end zone as Thompson delivers the pass. The ball is over Cooper's head as he leaps into the air to stretch out for the pass and come down with his knee in the endzone before falling out-of-bounds. 

Touchdown Carolina. Touchdown Pharoh Cooper. 

A beautifully designed play with a great pass and an even better catch. 

This should be the first, of many, touchdown receptions for No. 11 in his career for the Gamecocks.