Twitter is a powerful tool.

It can allow strangers to become friends with just one simple click. It can connect you to superstars, celebrities, political people and even a regular Joe like me or you.

It's also a place where you can find college football recruits. Those recruits also like to "tweet" each other as well.

The Gamecocks have stacked up 12 early commitments for the 2013 recruiting class but they have a few dedicated recruiters on Twitter seeking out the nation's best. The two most noticeable recruiters right now are defensive end Devin Washington and quarterback Connor Mitch.

Mitch is already being mentioned as the "crown jewel" of the 2013 class for the Gamecocks by Washington is a four-star recruit from the fertile recruiting ground in Florida. Both players are high-profile for the Gamecocks and are using their status to our advantage.

Lucky for South Carolina.

Let's take a look...

Here we have Devin Washington recruiting highly-touted tight end Josh McNeil:

@BIBTY_12 that school doesn't matter #Gamecocks are the ones who do.

Here is Connor Mitch giving a pitch to Josh McNeil as well:

@BIBTY_12 @D_W5 you can have fun playing in the ACC or big Ten. Its been a while since they won a national championship

Mitch also worked on a local North Carolina product in Corey Cooper:

All gamecock fans follow my fellowraleighboy @_cjCooper1 !!! Help me get him to Cola!! #GAMECOCKNATION

Devin Washington even tweeted five-star recruit Vernon Hargreaves III:


As you can see, these recruits are working on each other through a platform out of the traditional sense. In all honesty, this type of recruiting has probably become standard from programs across the country. This is the digital age that we live in and the constant connection between our real life and our virtual life is at our fingertips.

The Gamecocks are lucky to have these two commitments on their side. Recruits of their stature generally are able to bring in the same type of players as themselves. Connor Mitch is a perfect example. Who wouldn't want to play with a quarterback like that? Running backs want to be on his team. Wide receivers want to catch the ball from him. Offensive lineman want to block for a guy like that. He's a leader and he'll be able to bring in a few players like him that can continue to build on the strong leadership of the Gamecocks in recent seasons.

Twitter is such a powerful tool. The connections you can make are amazing. This is why South Carolina will benefit from today's technologically-savvy recruits. It basically is a free recruiting tool for the Gamecock coaching staff...without even having to do the work themselves. The recruits are doing the recruiting for you.

It's a win-win if you ask me.