South Carolina was unable to overcome a potent Georgia offense on Saturday as they fell to the Bulldogs 41-30. 

However, South Carolina's Mike Davis continue his assault on the 2013 season with another outstanding performance. He finished the game with 16 carries for 149 yards and one touchdown for his second straight game going over 100 yards in his second career start. 

Davis is certainly showcasing that he is the next Marcus Lattimore for the Gamecocks and he is adding another dimension to this offense with his extra burst of speed as seen on this week's USC/UGA Play of the Game. 

South Carolina lines up in the shotgun formation with Shaw in at QB and Mike Davis to his right.  USC brings Damiere Byrd from the left side of the field in option and hike the ball as Byrd comes near Shaw. Shaw has the option of reading the defense and either giving it to Byrd on the sweep towards the right or hand off to Davis for him to sweep to the left around the edge. Shaw goes with Davis and the sophomore running back hits the outside hard. 

Davis gets some great blocking from his offensive line as everyone is focused on the motion man and moving the opposite direction and by the time they are able to focus on the ballcarrier, Davis has already made it to the second level of the UGA defense. It looks like Nick Jones is downfield blocking his receiver as Davis continues to outrun the UGA defense. A good block from Jones is able to give Davis enough room to get further down the sidelines and add another 30 yards or so and is finally taken down around the five-yard line. 

This run was huge for many reasons. UGA had just scored to build their lead up to 10 points with just a few seconds left in the third quarter. Momentum was on their side and it appeared Georgia had taken the advantage for good against South Carolina. However, with one quick play, Davis was able to carry the Gamecocks on his back for 75 yards and give South Carolina close scoring position with a chance to bring this game within three points. 

A few plays later and South Carolina is held on fourth and one and Georgia gains control in the fourth quarter and rolls to an 11-point victory. 

A tough loss for South Carolina but an incredible performance for Mike Davis who nearly saved the day for the Gamecocks.