South Carolina women's head basketball coach Dawn Staley was enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame over the weekend in what has to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, honor someone involved in the game of basketball could have. 

Staley has had quite an illustrious career as a player from her days in Virginia, to her time in the WNBA, playing in the Olympics, to a continued successful run as a women's head basketball coach. 

It's quite an honor for Staley to be selected for the Basketball Hall of Fame and has to be an immediate boost to her recruiting efforts. South Carolina has had recent success under Staley with increased recruiting and recent winning seasons with NCAA play. Being able to go in the homes of young women selling this program on an opportunity to play for a Hall of Famer is something not many head coaches can do. 

South Carolina is lucky to have a coach like Dawn Staley in the Gamecock family and congratulations are certainly in order for Coach Staley on her huge honor!

Congrats Dawn!