Coach Steve Spurrier held a press conference today to go over some of the coaching reassignments that were made within the football program. The Big Spur website broke the story first earlier today but we got more and more info later on throughout the day. It looks like Coach Shane Beamer will focus on Special Teams and Recruiting only. He is dropping the Strong Safeties and SPUR coaching responsibility. Jeep Hunter will pick up some of the defensive assignments and Running Backs Coach Jay Graham will coach the Tight Ends and Running Backs now.

Take a look below at some of the things that stuck out for me from Coach Spurrier today at his press conference:

  • Spurrier thanked everyone for coming by today's press conference. Not much going on lately other than recruiting.
  • He thought it was a good year but not a great year. Wish they would have won the bowl game but that they didn't play well. Talked about hanging in the game but just couldn't pull it out in the end. He talked about FSU getting all 5 fumbles that were in the game.
  • Recruiting is much better than it was 6 years ago. Competition is out there fighting with them.
  • Shane Beamer is Special Teams and Recruiting Coordinator. All the coordinator tags are still the same right now. Defense positions are being shuffled around. Ward will handle corners and Jeep will handle safeties for right now. Could shuffle around depending upon how Coach Ellis Johnson sees fit. These changes even out the staff much better. Jay Graham will handle TE's along with RB's.
  • Give credit to Auburn for their ability to win the close games. He thought Clemson should have been and USC was up at half-time. He thought they could do that against FSU. He thinks if they are ever going to get 9,10,11,12 games that they have to win the close games.
  • He's not sure how important it is to keep the staff together for another year. Change happens in college football. He hopes they stay together but you never know what happens in the next month or two. Glad to see the key people staying put at the school. He mentions recruiting articles advising recruits not to fall in love with the head coach or the coach recruiting them. They are moving around as part of coaching.
  • Spurrier joked with Travis Haney about the 4 enrollees and how they haven't practiced yet. He said they look good in their street clothes. Thinks Kelcy could help out and Kaleb Broome would probably look good in uniform with his size.
  • He said offensive line didn't play well against FSU.
  • Stephen Garcia progressed well. He still had a few "Stephen Garcia" plays that they've got to work on. Plans on to give QB's time to play. Wants Connor Shaw to get some more snaps. He even mentioned Dylan Thompson as a guy who could play some. Connor should be ready to go play in the spring. Stephen is going to play like Stephen. He says practice doesn't help him. He plays the way he plays at times.
  • Tori Gurley is the only guy who's headed to the NFL right now.
  • Marcus Lattimore has a bit of a swollen lip. He said it was a clean hit and there was nothing wrong with it. He's got to get a better helmet. Players helmets popping off like Marcus and Justice Cunningham.
  • The NCAA rules says you can sign 28 and bring 25 in. Plans to sign 28 right now. Didn't elaborate further on any additional numbers for signing class. Rumored to be from 31-33.
  • Offensive line blocks about the same regardless of the opponent they are playing. Shawn Elliott does an excellent job coaching. Excited about TJ Johnson coming back. He mentioned how Garcia had to run around a good bit against FSU.
  • He said he play Kentucky in basketball next Saturday and will do a halftime ceremony for some of the players and what-not. Sounds like a plea to get fans out for recruiting purposes since it's the big weekend for recruiting.
  • Ended with no predictions for 2011. Wants to get the Gamecocks better in 2011.

There's your cliffnotes version of Coach Spurrier's press conference from this afternoon. He seemed pretty normal and was a pretty standard press conference. The next time you'll get to see Coach Spurrier again on February 2nd for National Signing Day.