South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier spoke to the media today in his weekly teleconference as he previewed the Georgia game for this upcoming weekend. 

Here are some notes to take away from the teleconference:

-- Spurrier opened up by saying that he thought the Gamecocks played pretty well in their game last week. He mentioned that UGA played pretty well against Clemson too. Spurrier said that they were playing a good team and they'll try their best to see what happens. 

-- Spurrier was asked again about the rivalry between USC and UGA and mentioned once again that South Carolina shouldn't be considered a big rival to Georgia right now. He said they've got too many rivals already. 

-- Spurrier did say it was fun to try and coach against two historic teams like Georgia and Tennessee. 

-- He was asked about Mike Davis and said he thought he was a bigger back as well as a faster back than last year. He mentioned how he thought Davis would have been caught for a 25-30 yard gain last week but that he was able to outrun the UNC defenders that had an angle on him. 

-- He said USC's formula the last few years has been to run more than they throw. He was asked about whether Mike Davis could be a 20 plus carry kind of back and he said that he could possibly do it. It depended on if he's picking up yardage and making first downs. 

-- Spurrier said Kane Whitehurst is a player that's a walk-on who is doing well. He said that he caught the touchdown last week on a play where he was basically clearing out. He mentioned how this should be a motto for the team to never quit on a play seeing as how it could turn into a situation where your number is called when you weren't expecting it. 

-- He said Cody Waldrop has a sprained foot that's bothering him. If he can't go, Clayton Stadnik is next in line to be the center for the Gamecocks. They're going to see how he is on Thursday and take it from there. 

-- Spurrier also said that Bruce Ellington is "full go" and that he's been running well in practice. He also mentioned that Busta Anderson should be able to play some this week as well.