There are some conspiracy theories coming out for Jadeveon Clowney to announce his decision tomorrow instead of waiting till February 14th. Here are some reasons for the news now:

  1. Jamie Newberg from ESPN is planning on being on The Game this afternoon at 6:40 to talk about some big story. Most people thinks it's some news related to Jadeveon Clowney since he's the big ticket right now in college football recruiting.
  2. Steve Spurrier will be on ESPNU during their College Football Signing Day coverage at 3:10 to discuss a variety of topics which will surely be related to the Gamecocks recruiting class.
  3. Word has come out that Clowney will be in the ESPN Studios tomorrow. The thought here is what would he have to discuss as an uncommitted prospect on ESPN? He wouldn't be on ESPN unless there was some big news he plans to announce right?

So what do you think? Does Clowney announce tomorrow? Is this all a hoax to get people interested in the story or will the #1 player in the nation shock the world and make his verbal commitment? I've always had the thought in the back of my mind that he would announce on Signing Day but all the reports indicated from various Gamecock sources say the plans were still for February 14th.

At this point no one probably knows what is going on. Clowney hasn't answered phone calls from coaches the last few days and there probably isn't much information being leaked out to the insiders. The safest thing to do at this point would be to tune into ESPN whenever Clowney is on air and hope for the best. If he doesn't announce tomorrow then no big deal. A few more weeks won't kill us right?